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Introducing our brand new affirmation cards for carers!

Each pack contains 25 cards, and each one was personally designed by me, a like-minded carer who understands the challenges and rewards of caring for others. These cards feature unique and meaningful affirmations that uplift and inspire carers, reminding them of their importance and value. We also recognize the difficulties that come with caring, and these cards aim to support carers in a realistic and meaningful way. 

But that's not all - on the back of each card, you'll find a QR code that leads you to a surprise! Scanning the code will take you to a link with a discount code to a fantastic small business in Australia. We're committed to supporting local businesses, and we want to share that commitment with you.

We believe that realistic self-care is essential for all carers, and these affirmation cards are a wonderful way to promote it. Whether you're a professional carer, a family member, or a friend, these cards will remind you of the importance of taking care of yourself as well as others.

Each card is beautifully designed with a calming and uplifting color scheme and features a thoughtful and empowering affirmation. The QR codes are easy to scan, and the surprise discounts are a great way to discover new small businesses that share our commitment to supporting the community.

Order your pack of affirmation cards for carers today and show your support for both yourself and local businesses in Australia!


We can't wait for you to scan your QR code and see your surprise special deal. Please take note that when redeeming your deal with the store directly, we ask that you use the same name as you used for the purchase of the affirmation cards to ensure the codes are being used by the correct person.

What if you purchase the affirmation cards as a GIFT? Simple. Place the name of the person you are gifting to in the notes section at checkout. If you happen to miss this, do not worry, get in touch with me directly with the name and I can add it in. 

Affirmation Cards for Carers

$29.99 Regular Price
$21.00Sale Price


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