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This page is for tracking sickness and medications that may not be the care recipients regular medications. This page contains areas for: Medication type, date and time, dosage and reason. As well as a notes section down the bottom. This is a good page to have printed out and on the fridge, as well as at family and friends places. It can also be printed out and kept in your Planner Pocket if your current sickness schedule pages are filled up. 


How to purchase, download and print your page: 

1. Add to cart

2. Complete your details

3. Process Payment 

4. You will be able to download from that page and also from your email confirmation that will include a link that will last 30 days (if you need this link again, please contact me) 

5. Select download now

6. This will now be downloaded to your phone/computer (I reccomend printing from a computer or taking to your local printing services) 


1. Open your download with your preferred method, this can be the web browser, adobe, microsoft word and more. Using adobe or micosoft word will give you more options for the layout and position of the page. 

2. Using the web browser for printing: select the print icon, change the layout to landscape and print. You will then be able to cut around the image. Using an editor like adobe or word: change the layout to landscape, adjust the margins accordinly. I would reccomend the image being to one side of an A4 page so that it uses half of the page. 

3. Ensure your image is in the correct colour scheme you would like: grayscale or colour. And PRINT :) 


Terms and Conditions

  • Using Our Product: When you buy and download our digital product, you're allowed to use it for yourself, but you can't sell it to others or give it away to help them make money.

  • Sharing: Feel free to download and print the product as many times as you want for yourself. You can also share it with your family and friends so they can use it too.

  • Ownership: The product belongs to us, so please don't remove any logos or stuff like that.

  • Changing the Product: Please don't change or edit the product in any way without asking us first.

  • No Guarantees: We do our best to make sure our product works well, but we can't promise it will be perfect or work for everyone.

  • We're Not Liable: If something goes wrong while you're using our product, we're not responsible for any damages or problems it might cause.

  • Where We Operate: These rules are based on the laws of our country/state.

  • Changes to Rules: Sometimes we might need to update these rules, but if we do, we'll let you know.

If you have any questions about these rules, just get in touch with us.


Sickness schedule/medication tracking

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